Electronic Vaporizers Are Becoming Vogue

They are socially acceptable

Electronic vaporizers are very much becoming in vogue these days. These are such fascinating and useful devices that are considered as a healthier option to regular cigarettes. So what is an electronic vaporizer? A vaporizer is actually a portable device that performs its functions by heating the dried herbs to their boiling temperature and release vapor. A vaporizer or an electronic hookah doesn’t burn or scorch the herbs; hence no smoke is produced. Rather all you experience is a delicious vapor minus any of the toxic chemicals which are loaded in copious amounts of smoke generated by traditional cigarettes such as tar, toluene, benzene and nitrogen oxide.

Difference between smoke and vapor

Smoke produced by traditional hookahs and regular cigarettes contain a large amount of deadly chemicals ranging from tar to poisonous gases such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. These toxic chemicals are the major reason behind the fatal lung cancer. Moreover these toxins also cause cancers of mouth, pharynx (throat), nose, stomach and lips. On the other hand, a vapor is devoid of any tar and undesirable fatal toxins. In addition, there is no irritating smell that is generally associated with smoke. With a vapor, all you experience is a delicious aroma. In terms of health and premium smoking experience, vaporizers or electronic hookahs win over traditional ways of smoking such as regular hookahs and cigarettes. As e-hookah doesn’t contain toxins or smoke, your teeth don’t get stained yellow.

While the health related benefits of the vaporizers are aplenty, there are several other benefits of vaporizers such as:

Zero Ash, Easy to Clean

With a vaporizer, there is no need for an ashtray as vaporizer doesn’t generate ash. All that remains are the solid remains of the dry herbs that have lost their original color and aroma. Thus a vaporizer is much more convenient to clean and maintain.

Enjoy it anywhere without bothering anyone

As vaporizers don’t produce any smoke, you don’t have to worry about the irritating stench to accumulate in your clothes, furniture and even your hair. Because of the absence of smoke, you can smoke e-hookahs or electronic cigarettes anywhere or everywhere without bothering anyone near you. That makes vaporizers quite neighbor friendly. Several people complain or make faces when others smoke near them. With vaporizers, you don’t have to face any such problems. In short, smoking a vaporizer is not only good alternative for your health but is also beneficial for others near you.

Smart choice for cost-efficient people

Another great benefit of vaporizers, e hookahs and e cigarettes is that they are far cheaper than the regular cigarettes. While a rechargeable electronic hookah provides up to 1200 puffs from a single charge that lasts more than three times longer than cigarettes, disposable e-hookah offers up to 800 puffs. No wonder, an elctronic vaporizer make for a great cost efficient choice. They are not only healthier choice but help you save money too. Considering all these advantages, it won’t be wrong to say that vaporizers are smart choice money wise and health wise. Electronic vaporizers such as e hookahs or e cigs are not heavy on your pocket and provide the most premium smoking experience minus all the health hazards.