Hubble Bubble E-cigarette Juice

Fire up that imagination

E-cigarettes are the world’s first amazing alternative to smoking. Instead of the horrible smell of nicotine, this alternative can smell and taste like anything from rum to hubble bubble gum! Smoking an e-cigarette, or vaping, is an alternative to smoking that is much healthier for both the smoker and those around him. A battery powered device heats up liquid nicotine and flavouring to create a vapor that the user then inhales. Instead of inhaling burning chemicals, the user is simply inhaling liquid nicotine and glycerin or polyethylene glycol. By the time the vapor leaves the smoker, the mist is simply water vapor.

Delicious flavours

The best part of e-cigarettes are the variety of flavours and styles available to choose from. The devices themselves come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors, and the amount of nicotine can vary from 6mg to up to 32mg. The devices on the market range in how long their battery lasts, wattage, and in the amount of juice each one can hold. Apollo, a popular e-juice company, sells flavours like Watermelon Kiwi, Baja Burst, and Melon Cucumber Mint. Suicide Bunny and King’s Crown have flavours available like Mothers Milk, a creamy and rich flavour, Sucker Punch, a mix of exotic dragon fruit and cream, and Bound by the Crown, a twist on the average fruity flavour, but there are hundreds of different companies selling pretty much any flavour you could possibly think up! Liquid that tastes like alcoholic drinks, chocolate, even desserts.

Unusual names

Most of the names are pretty intriguing, such as Fuzzy Navel, there are thousands of unique flavours around, including flavours that taste like cereal! hubble bubble vapors, one of the most popular e-juice companies on the market, sell flavours like Strawberry Dream Bar and Fruity Holes. The company even sell a flavour called Cops Companion, which tastes of sweet donuts. E-cigarettes are an awesome alternative to smoking, and the industry is still growing. If this is something you’re thinking about trying to help you quit smoking, be creative with all of the flavours out there, you’d be amazed with what you might find.