Liquid Candy Flavours

Making Your Choices

When choosing your electronic cigarettes, keep in mind that although they all work on the same principle, there are many variations and it may take a while to find the perfect e cig. There are disposable e-cigarettes, refillable e-cigarettes with a tank system, cigalikes, variable voltage and wattage e-cigarettes and more. The variety of flavours is almost endless, from fruity flavours, liquid candy, menthol to a conventional tobacco taste, and customers should be encouraged to explore the different experiences

Experimenting With Different Flavours

Consumers may be confused by the huge variety of equipment and juices that are available when they first start vaping. It can be pretty confusing – smoking using to be pretty simple, right? This is the start of a long-lasting relationship, and it will serve your interests and that of your client to provide them with information and helpful tips. Remind them to tackle this like any other subject and accept that they will have to experiment to get the best out of their new e cig. He might discover that he prefers to chase a throat hit. She may discover that she cannot abide certain categories of juice or that she prefers berry flavours to the exclusion of everything else. He may even discover that he is an experimentation demon and that he will forever chase the next thrill. If that is the case, here’s something awesome. Delicious, in fact.

Hitting The Right Spot

Let the customer explore their way through tastes of “custard with strawberry”, berry with a cool menthol finish, gummy bears, Key Lime, fruit punch. Cotton candy, chocolate, a variety of menthol or let them mix their own flavour with unlimited combinations using sampler packs that lets them experiment on their own. Here’s a great tip to enjoy the full aroma of our different flavours: Keep control of your temperature settings. Even the best tasting juice can taste different or even unpleasant at the incorrect temperature. Flavourings evaporate at a range of temperatures. Your temperature setting will determine how hot the coil gets and will influence the taste. Start at a lower setting and increase it gradually until you hit liquid candy heaven! Remember that other flavours will need their own little test run.