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If you are a fan of Asian shows, then you must be familiar with Dramacool. The platform hosts a wide range of all the popular dramas. It also keeps updating the episodes by including their subtitles as well. Nevertheless, you can’t find all your favorite Korean or Japanese shows on Dramacool TV. People often look for apps like Dramacool where they can watch their favorite shows without any hassle. Read on as we have listed some of the best alternatives to Dramacool app.

DramaCool | Asian Drama, KShows, Movies, English Sub Episode HD Video Online for free. Korean, Hong Kong, Thailand Chinese English subtitles by Drama Cool

This site is all about information and request.

Best Apps Like Drama Cool You Can Use is Snaptube

If you don’t want to go through any unwanted hassle while watching your favorite Kdrama series, then simply give Snaptube a try. Since the app has integrated various entertainment platforms in one place, you don’t have to invest your time browsing numerous apps. You can find all kinds of Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and other Asian dramas on Snaptube.

Watch and download Korean drama, movies, Kshow and other Asian dramas with english subtitles online free. Dramacool is for Asian dramas, movies, and Korean show English sub in HD. The web site is completely free for everybody. Each month innumerable users browse this website to observe movies and drama. You’ll be able to watch all the newest updates on drama and Korean Show. The website additionally offers a section of coming movies. So, you’ll be able to use this section to understand all the coming movies.

How to Use this DramaCool

Step-1. Find your korean drama from the given list of year-wise dramast.
Step-2. If not found in the list then request your movies on dramacool app live chat movie request
Step-3. On dramacool live chat you will get your telegram movies link
Step-4. Click on the link it will open in telegram app and you will see movie file
Step-5. Download the file and start watching.

Why DramaCool app?

➤ Main feature of this app is that you can request any movies on dramacool live chat.
➤ This app will help you to download any Asian drama and Korean drama very easily.

#Please share this DramaCool App app to others so that it will help you to download all Korean dramas.

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